The World of Fashion… And Me!

When I was growing up , I didn’t really have a care in the world about if I was wearing the most trendy clothes, or had perfectly tousled hair every day, or if my makeup was spot on. I trudged to school in either Old Navy flip flops or a grimy pair of Vans (brother worked at the store, I got discounts, couldn’t go wrong!) I lived in my I-fell-down-on-cement-distressed jeans and generic sweatshirt. People probably thought I only owned one pair of jeans (granted I still only have about 4 solid pairs of jeans…working on that) and that one, signature high school sweatshirt. I absolutely envied all the “popular girls” and their gorgeously shiny, perfectly curled hair with their cute, different outfits every day. Those bitches.

And then I graduated high school and got a job, hoorah! And suddenly, like some magical light bulb came on in my head, I realized there was a world outside of baggy sweatshirts. My first big ohhhhh moment was shoes. Actually, it was boots. They are still my one true love. And the rest just sort of fell in to place. I suddenly had money to go shopping for the things I wanted, and I was always asking my friends to go on shopping trips with me. Actually, I still do that.

I would, by no means, call myself a “fashionista” and I definitely cringe and die a little inside whenever I see a picture of what is supposed to be high fashion. Seriously people, no body wears that stuff. I’m sorry, but if I were to walk down the street in some of those things, you all would question my sanity. You know it’s true.

So anyway! This blog is here to entertain you as I blunder my way through the world of pretty clothes and… stuff.


P.S. Who out there was an avid sweatshirt wearer “back in the days”? I know I can’t be the only one!